October 4, 2021

FoxDev Studio is beginning to begin!

EasyLogon: Forget about passwords. This time for real

FoxDev Studio is begining to begin!

Our first innovative product - EasyLogon (ezlog.app)

We designed it to make authorization from any device convenient and safe for all Internet users.

According to Verizon, 80% of cyber-attacks are caused by theft and reuse of credentials.

Embedded QR codes in sites will help EasyLogon users not to worry about remembering their passwords and possible leaks.

All users of Internet resources, employees of companies where fast and secure authorization are required.

In the first weeks after the announcement of the project, we were spotted by Kirov Group Ventures became interested in us. By now, we have made an agreement with Kirov Group to make some test of our product on their corporate platform

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