Studio news
October 10, 2022

Studio operation suspension and EasyLogon

Hi everyone,
I have some news to share with you

As some of you may know, our studio is located in Russia and there were a ton of bad things going on here

I founded FoxDev Studio in 2021 with EasyLogon as a core product on full enthusiasm and zero funding. I was hoping that someday it would be recognized. And it went well at first. We were taking part in startup and research grants contests, contacted some venture funds. There was no luck, but we were determined to go forward...

Until 24th of February when our country gone on a terrible full-scale war on Ukraine... It is when it became clear that it's not going to happen. Not while we are in Russia. So, for the last couple of months, we have been brainstorming ideas on how to adapt to this new world. We had to set EasyLogon aside and try to sustain our enterprise by switching to private development contracts, but it just did not go well since Russian economy is screwed for the next years. So, it's now up to one decision...

For now, I suspend all operations of FoxDev studio and put all active projects on hold. I hope that one day I will come to you with better news, but it's all for now...

What's next for EasyLogon?

As for EasyLogon, I decided to keep it running as my own project. I will keep supporting it, adding new features on a personal non-commercial basis. That means you will still have access to EasyLogon mobile app as well as to easily sign in on any website as you used to

In fact, I've already released a new update to EasyLogon web app featuring PWA support (ability to install it on your PC as a standalone application), some quality of live changes and UI improvements. Next time I plan to update the mobile app as well

What to Developer Console, it will be suspended for now to keep the project focused and client orientated. as well as will be now unavailable and redirect to EasyLogon home page

All news and updates regarding EasyLogon will be now published in my personal blog

That's all for now. Thanks for your support

Eugene Fox
CEO of FoxDev Studio